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Children and youth are being preyed upon right now. But you can send rescue and restoration today by becoming a Freedom Partner.
Your monthly financial contribution will keep our teams working on the front lines of eliminating sexual exploitation by curbing the demand. You’ll receive exclusive updates on what YOU make possible.


FREEDOM Partners sustain and develop powerful programs like these:

Mentoring in Media

In today's information age youth are subjected to unprecedented volumes of vile online content. We equip youth with the necessary tools and training to navigate this space and become advocates for social justice through social media. Quality educational content recommendations which suit the interest and preference of the individual participants in this program are uncovered and delivered.

Freedom through Film

FORTRESS Foundation’s Youth Filmmaking program with award-winning filmmakers and performers is a special opportunity to receive quality, professional training and guidance learning the craft of filmmaking while encouraging creative growth and expression as an artist and advocate for social justice. Participants enjoy a unique immersion in a cutting edge craft that is fun, educational, inspirational and constructive, ending with the thrill of seeing their work on the big screen!

Justice in Action

Our Coalition Partners Justice Speaks, built a Children’s Center adjacent to the capital of sex tourism in Thailand where pedophiles frequent to serve as a safe zone for children who are either at high risk for exploitation or recently rescued and in the process of recovery. We have put a face to the issue and become a part of real-world solutions in funding and organizing international trips to further the effectiveness of our programming.

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