SHIFT - Protection in a Sexually Predatory Culture

SHIFT is a web based mini series of twelve episodes dedicated to preventing sexual exploitation and encouraging today's youth to make positive life choices. With the perfect mix of entertainment and education, honesty portrayed characters and a compelling story, the distribution of this series will bring about a SHIFT that will be felt across North America and throughout the world, and play a part in reducing sexual exploitation in the media, specifically that aimed towards minors. With your help, these results are not only possible, but probable.

Project Details - Aspirations - The First Release in the SHIFT Series

Aspirations is a digital short genre mash up paralleling the story of BRITTNI RUIZ, (formerly Jenna Presley one of the worlds top grossing porn stars), with the narrative of a young aboriginal hip hop dancer navigating her way through the pressures of high school life. Encompassing the real world experiences of today’s youth in the sexually driven digital age, Aspirations leads us on a journey through the lens of an impressionable young woman in her pursuit of visibility and recognition.


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